Since 1947 we have been a diversified and dynamic manufacturing group, with leadership in various sectors of the textile industry.

Discover our history

Since 1947 we have been a diversified and dynamic manufacturing group, with leadership in various sectors of the textile industry.

Discover our history



Vision & Mission

Clear values and goals

that extend beyond the textile industry, reflecting our passionate and responsible approach to doing business.

Our Vision

We believe in the importance of the value of beauty through the culture of creative innovation and respect. This is why we work every day to improve the quality of life, with the aim of maintaining sector leadership for innovation, service and wide proposals. Always with an eye forward.

Our Mission

We create fine products and innovative solutions designed to enhance the living experience of our customers, taking a responsible approach at every stage of the textile production chain whilst enhancing our rich tradition and expertise. We mobilize professional and creative energies in every initiative and we are digitalizing each production process.

Future makers

We believe that creativity and tradition, combined with new technologies and continuous skills-based training, can give rise to innovative solutions that transcend the boundaries of the ordinary, and create the conditions required in order to enjoy a better future.


Our values reflect the ways in which we do business and interact with the world and the people that surround us. These are fundamental principles for us, which are passionately cultivated and shared by everyone within the Group.

Entrepreneurial passion

Know-how, tradition and passion that the Martinelli family has passed on to all the companies that make up the Group.




Creative innovation

Technological innovation and continuous training are the driving forces behind the development that enable us to broaden our horizons.



Excellence and beauty

A deep focus on the pursuit of beauty. An attitude that is centred upon the creation of value and quality.



Sustainable ethics 

The future-oriented spirit of innovation is combined with an ethical approach, giving rise to an organization that promotes growth and development whilst respecting the local area and people.


The uniqueness of people

Training, dialogue and a focus on the specific aptitudes of each person in the company help to create a stimulating working environment which enables the development and growth of the individual within the Group.

Ingenuity and skill
under constant development

Our boundless curiosity and the desire to learn new things are at the heart of the Group's robust,
reliable skills, and help to build upon our creative abilities and expertise on a daily basis.

Preserving our history
and sharing our culture

The Group's history is closely linked with that of the local area, which has been devoted to textiles and trade with Europe since the Middle Ages.

Sharing our story and supporting the culture that distinguishes the region helps to maintain and strengthen valuable skills.

The Museum of Textiles

Named after Ginetto Martinelli, the museum opened in 2005, and in 2013, the new site was inaugurated at the school in Leffe (Bg). Created at the behest of the Associazione Ricerche Tessili Storiche (Historical Association of Textile Research) with the support of the Martinelli family and a number of donations, the museum spans 600 square meters, and retraces the history of textile machinery, from the typical medieval loom to the mechanical dobby loom of the 1900s. All the machinery on display are original, restored and in full working order.