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Synonymous with exclusive and precious fabrics that breathe life into your home. From luxurious upholstery and captivating curtains to tasteful furnishing accessories, bedding, table, and bathroom fabrics, our collections are born from extensive stylistic research, catering to the discerning tastes and needs of architects and designers worldwide. Backed by a wholly-owned Made-in-Italy supply chain and the Group's expert textile know-how, we ensure top-quality fabrics and impeccable service.


Artistry meets interior design. This collection of double-width fabrics offers extraordinary versatility in furnishing your spaces with originality and flair. Divided in The Grand Design, The Signature Collection, and The Anthology Collection, it boasts an array of landscape views, captivating micropatterns, and mesmerizing allover designs. Our skilled KOHRO style team is at your service, ready to craft customizations and bespoke designs.


Through the I Sarti della Casa initiative, KOHRO embraces the essence of Made-in-Italy excellence. This endeavor cherishes the invaluable heritage of small and precious Italian artisans, safeguarding their rich sartorial tradition and unparalleled expertise. Combining artful tailoring with meticulous attention to detail, I Sarti della Casa offers a tailor-made service, presenting sophisticated products and bespoke solutions to a global audience, thanks to KOHRO fabrics and services.


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